Brainstorming Ideas, Mapping and Modeling Software, Creative Thinking Software, Visual Thinking Software

Brainstorming Ideas, Mapping and Modeling Software, Creative Thinking Software, Visual Thinking Software

Brainstorming Ideas, Mapping and Modeling Software, Creative Thinking Software, Visual Thinking Software



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Key Features

Use background images to enhance communication. Logos, photographs and other slide-type material can be used for impact in presentations or as a visual prompt in eliciting feedback.

  Models can now be password protectedwhich makes them even more useful as read-only user interfaces for processes and systems. This has dramatically broadened the potential value Visual concept can add in the corporate network context.

Full Screen View option enables the toolbars to be hidden and the 'material' to be displayed in an uncluttered manner. Visual Concept has great potential for not only assisting the thinking process and the development of ideas, but also in the communication of those ideas, concepts and conclusions it has been used to form.

Models can now be saved as HTML files, with active HTTP links, so that they can be shared and used as an intranet / internet resource.

Pop-up NotesYou can now display notes without having to enter the Idea Properties dialog. With the 'Show notes' mode active, all the notes in an idea will be displayed in a read-only pop-up when the cursor is hovered over the notes icon.

Clustering from a list is now possible in the selection wizard. This really helps when working with large number of ideas and espacially in 'live' contexts when you are trying to keep up with a group discussion.

Spell Checker will help your outputs be of a consistently high standard. It can check 100,000 words a minute! You can customise your dictionaries. Up to 16 custom dictionaries can be open simultaneously! American and British English are included, and Portuguese, Danish, Ditch, Finnish, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish dictionaries are avalaible as optional extras.

Exporting to Word. Exporting models to linear text format has now been made more efficient with this new toolbar feature. Now, creating a report based on your visually developed ideas is just a click of the mouse away - all you have to do is format the text with your chosen style.

Four levels of Undo / Redofor speed and peace of mind. This gives the confidence to 'go like a train' to the professional user and gives novices the confidence to experiment.

Brainstorming mode enables you to rapidly enter or collect ideas and convert them into objects. Leaves you free to concentrate on ideas.

Automatic Clustering: select a number of related ideas , click a button and Visual Concept will create a cluster for you and arrange your ideas within it.

Powerful wizard tools for selecting and sorting your ideas: Select your idea on colour criteria or text search and automatically export them to another model or cluster them.

Summary Information: lets you see how long you have worked on a model, when it was last printed and its revision number.

Text Editor: makes it easy for you to attach and edit sizeable 'notes' with each type of object.

Table view: also lets you work in a linear table view, and switch easily between this and the model view.

Create your own shapes: edit any form and create your own shapes, save them in a template for later re-use

Multi-dimensional model: you can link any shape with another model to create multi-level models. Special tools ease the navigation through the different levels.

Distil: automatically extracts the essence of each model (the cluster titles) and creates a meta-model, treating cluster titles as objects linked back to their source.

Create your own templates: for simply saving set-up time, for providing a framework for a thinking process, helping with output generation or challenging thinking by providing a framework.

Import external objects: place graphical objects in your model for added visual impact. You can also place audio files which will be played when clicked or animations for multimedia presentation. Visual Concept is a full OLE32 client application.

Versatile viewing & zooming functions: allow you to view a model in different ways and with different levels of detail. You can display as many views of the same model as you want, each view showing a different scaling factor, print preview or table view.

Overview window: provides an additional window showing you where you are in relation to the whole model and allowing very easy view scrolling and dragging.

Customisable toolbars: Visual Concept lets you adapt its environment to suit your requirements. Create your own toolbars or edit and change the existing ones, let them float or dock them where you want.

Simple Properties editing: allows you to control and change every graphical element of any object, with only one mouse click. (Font: size, style, colour etc..., outline colour and width, style, shadow width, etc...).

Copy style: allows you to apply or copy the style (its graphical elements and definition) to any number of other objects.

Sophisticated graphical printing facilities: give you total control on how your model looks on paper. You can display a model and its print preview at the same time to finely control your printing. You can print your model as a twelve-page poster if you want!

Exporting and importing models to/from other applications: in a variety of graphical and textual forms, lets you use and re-use the results of your work. You can import models from ASCII text, and export to TXT formats, or as graphical image to BMP, DIB or, JPEG formats.

Powerful file linking: helps make your model the flexible and central information and knowledge centre. With Visual Concept, you can attach any type of file to any shape. Word processing documents, spreadsheets or presentations will be launched by a double-click on the object.

Internet/Intranet linking: link your shapes to web and other resources on the internet or a company intranet. A double-click on the object will open the linked website or will fetch the resource from the intranet.

Network-ready: Using your MAPI e-mail system, you can also e-mail models with their embedded imported external components, from inside Visual Concept.

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